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Sunday May 19th, 2024


March Letter from our Pastor

The festival of the Resurrection of the Lord (or Resurrection Sunday) is the center of the Christian year. On this occasion the church joyfully proclaims the good news that is at the very heart of the gospel—that Jesus Christ is risen from the dead.

Resurrection Sunday is something like the keystone of an arch—the top and center stone upon which all the other stones lean and depend—both in terms of its theological significance and its relation to other events in the Christian year. Theologically speaking, the faith we claim and the life we live depend on the affirmation, celebration, and proclamation of Christ’s resurrection. In a chronological sense—since Resurrection Sunday is a “moveable feast,” taking place on a different date each year—all the other events of the Christian year pivot around the date of Easter Sunday, shifting accordingly.

The traditional greeting amongst many Christian denominations is, “Christ is Risen!” with the response, ‘He is risen indeed!” This greeting has many implications, the larger of which speaks to the fact that we serve a risen Lord who is Jesus Christ. He Himself resurrected from the dead and has sent the Holy Spirit to us to be with us as we continue our journey of Faith together!

My concern with most of the world-at-large is that they have not taken 10 hours of their entire life to study Jesus and His resurrection. I can ask several questions and know whether these self proclaimed “experts in religion” have ever really studied it at all. If the resurrection is true, and I believe that it is, then it becomes the central fact and most important event of all history to every living person. My prayer for you this Resurrection season is that the Holy Spirit gives you the gifts that God has prepared for you during this important time! Best wishes and prayers for a most joyous season!

He is Risen!

Pastor John


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