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Wednesday February 8th, 2023



Our Purpose

All of us need a place along our spiritual journey where we can sense the presence of God, a place where we can find nurturing for our spirit as well as a deep and authentic sense of purpose. A place where we can feel that we are a part of something larger than ourselves.

In short, we need a spiritual community of security and significance. Many of us have found such a warm, caring place at Christ Community Church, and invite you to join us in the exciting journey of faith together.

Our History

Christ Community Church was chartered in 1987 under the sponsorship of the Good Samaritan Mission Services.

Our congregation moved to its current home at 5425 South Apopka-Vineland Road in the spring of 2000 and subsequently purchased our current facility which is located in the heart of Dr. Phillips/Bay Hill/Windermere.

The most exciting and growing days of our history are yet to be written.

Our Identity

We are an ecumenical, non-denominational community of faith. We come from a variety of denominational backgrounds, and we value the rich contribution of many strands of the Christian tradition. We don’t ask people to give up their faith heritage when they join with us, but to bring the best of it with them. Together, we work to find common ground in following the way of Christ as best we can discern it, individually and collectively.