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Saturday July 22nd, 2017



Someone has said that the church exists by mission as fire exists by burning.
We constantly want to discover relevant ways of reaching out to the needs of our community and world rather than simply existing for our own sakes.

Welcome to Christ Community Church , the little church with the big heart.

Charlie, Nadine and Yvonne - Engaging MissionOur vision within this vibrant community is to provide our neighbors with a unique conservative to moderate Christ centered Church in which they can realize and celebrate their spiritual life. We open our doors to all who seek a place to worship God as made known in Jesus Christ, and our congregation is always warm and welcoming. Our mission is to praise God, realize and embrace Jesus’ sacrificial Death and Resurrection, and discover the wonder and teaching of God’s word as we read, examine and discuss the Bible. We strive to win hearts to our Savior not only by teaching and learning, but by the example of living our faith.

Through joyful worship, spiritual nurture and compassionate outreach we strive to touch the hearts, engage the minds and lift the spirits of all those who attend services here. Our core values are Christ based and Bible directed. We strive, in all things, to celebrate our love of God and be an open, helping hand, not only to our members, but to those who are in need.

Our blessings are many, our interests are varied, our beliefs are Biblical and Christ centered and our dreams are immense. We want a church that is, in all things, pleasing to God. We envision a haven for all who enter and a center where the spiritually weary gain the peace of God. We want to expand our family of believers and, by doing so, win hearts to Jesus Christ.